• Walking together through the challenges of Life

  • - J. Richardson

    “The only way out is through And the only way through is together”

Sheila Johal, RCC, CCC

Developing a trusting and safe relationship is foundational to Sheila’s therapeutic practice. She creates warm and nurturing environment where clients feel understood and respected. Sheila understands that seeking therapy for oneself or a loved one can feel vulnerable. Clients are supported to feel a sense of security and are empowered to be their authentic self while working with Sheila. Through a trauma-informed lens, various life challenges, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, and grief are healed.                                       

Professional Testimonials
" Sheila Johal brings a fresh perspective to her work with children and families. Through deep therapeutic relationships, Sheila supports the re-patterning of nervous systems so clients can develop new options for behavior. As a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, Sheila is highly skilled at applying the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology, in the playroom. Her level of attunement with her clients allows Sheila to support them in connecting to their authentic selves, which is the key to healing "
Judith Norman LPC, RPT-S
Certified Synergetic Play Therapist Teacher and Consultant
"Sheila Johal has been a student and, subsequently, an associate of mine for several years. Sheila is extremely well trained to work with children, teens and adults in a playful and creative way. Sheila shows compassion and commitment to the families she works for and I highly recommend her to any family struggling with their child’s behaviours. In addition, she is also competent in working imaginatively with adults where there is unresolved  trauma from childhood."
Dr. Madeleine De Little Ph.D., RTC, MTC, RCS.,CCC
Counsellor for Children and Families & International Trainer, Registered Clinical Supervisor